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What are the application of thermal paper label in the label

We all know that the thermal paper label paper is heat-sensitive material by high thermal coating, testing thermal paper easiest way: with a nail firmly on the paper across, will leave a black scratches. Finish by direct contact with the surface of carbon material on the head and fever due to a chemical reaction darken when exposed to heat, which appeared to be printed text. We know that the concept of thermal paper label, it also applies to what areas? What is the role over to it? The following thermal paper label to label printing with you on some applications.
    And is divided into two kinds of thermal paper label with no protective layer, a protective layer, a protective layer on top of the heat-sensitive layer in order to protect heat-sensitive layer, resistance to chemical corrosion, prevent pollution and protect the purpose of the label of the printhead. Thermal coating can be designed according to the needs of different activation temperatures to suit the needs of different printer performance. Currently, most of the thermal paper labels are widely used in supermarkets, shopping malls, fruit shop, bakery and other places. In the heat of the role of the print head, thermal paper label parts of varying thermal printing ink, do not feel the heat of the site does not change color, creating text or bar code to achieve the purpose of printing