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Brief adhesive paper and thermal paper printing technology

Currently, self-adhesive paper / thermal paper commonly used methods are the use of lithographic printing, letterpress printing (including flexo) and three kinds of screen printing process, the machine structure divided Rotary, Round flatten peaceful pressure, qz three kinds embossing form. Slightly larger print layout such as posters, trademarks and other products, is generally used offset Rotary or circular flattened structure, automatic letterpress printing presses, the product quality and printing efficiency obtained satisfactory results. And more small-format imposition structure, and the need to die-cutting, laminating, bronzing trademark, labeling products, the most suitable for the use of letterpress adhesive paper / thermal paper label printing presses.
    Class machine with glue, convex two presses inking and printing characteristics of a machine collection agency, the material is used in the roll adhesive paper / paper thermal paper can achieve a complete multi-color printing and hot foil, film, die cutting, rewinding and slitting processes scrap. The machine can be used metal plate and resin printing, thanks to the modular structure, flexible and easily increase or decrease in a feature based on the characteristics of printed pieces. Feeding the machine structure and the collection of paper flexographic printing presses and the basic structure is similar, the difference is in the whole moving process, the addition of the paper can be controlled stepper printing mechanism which requires strict time control and positioning control, in order to ensure accurate overlay. Requirements for printing ink solid product, you can use screen printing presses, the printing ink bright, high color brightness, a poster, an ideal way to a large area of ​​the printing process trademarks.
    Printing equipment structure and product quality analysis of the relationship:
    Roll adhesive paper / thermal paper when printing, and general printing paper to different methods, it is moving to achieve axial tabbing overprint, that the printing drum sets simultaneously loaded on the plate, when adhesive paper / thermal paper once every jump shift, the plate cylinder horizontally on a reciprocating rotary embossing platform, you can achieve a color printing. Then, print a few color overprint, overlay sheets of labels, stickers, paper / paper thermal paper must move the corresponding number on the platform, in order to complete all sections of the overlay. The machine structure is designed to simplify the structure of the equipment, reducing the size of the machine, however, due to the print stroke is short, the printed product is not easy to dry, is not conducive to large areas of complete wet-on-wet trapping, and only suitable for small area overprint or overprint.
    The letterpress printing automatically round flatten or Rotary structures, places printing pressure, ink full uniform, more suitable for printing large format adhesive paper / thermal paper products, its print quality and effectiveness of technology Well, the multicolored sticker paper / thermal paper printer platen structure can not be achieved. From the imprint form structure, the model structure flattened circle print quality than platen machines significantly better, especially in the printing field layout, the ink can be achieved uniformly thick but the good results. The platen structure of adhesive paper / thermal machine, printing large field layout (printed materials) likely to show "oil slick" like ink, print quality is not satisfactory. The effect of the product through the printing process analysis and comparison, we can see that the use of automatic presses round flatten or Rotary structure layout print larger adhesive paper / thermal paper products, its print quality and process effect is satisfactory.
    In letterpress printing production practice, on sticker paper / thermal paper printing technology also understand from our original structure using platen adhesive paper / thermal printing machine large field layout products, such as Label TV and other electrical products, printing layout is often prone to "oil slick" like ink, customers are not satisfied, the situation indeed disturbing. Later, I switched to a round flattened structure automatically letterpress printing presses such products, due to printing pressure adequate and uniform, and uniform ink inking and well-structured, uniform ink printed products, thick, high brightness, ink again there is no "oil slick" shape, print quality effect of the product deep satisfaction for users.