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The nature of thermal paper

Thermal paper is devoted to the thermal printers and thermal fax paper, its quality directly affects the print quality and save time, and even affect the life of the printer and fax machine. Thermal paper is currently on the market in different ways, the state has not yet introduced national standard, many users do not know also how to identify quality thermal paper, which made for a lot of businesses and keep the inferior thermal paper to provide a convenient for the user losses, light save time shorter, illegible, damaged printer heavy. This article tells you how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of thermal paper, so as not to be fooled again. Thermal paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom of the base paper, the second layer is a heat-sensitive coating, the third layer is a protective layer, primarily affect the quality of heat-sensitive coating or a protective layer,
  If the thermal paper uneven coating will result when printing color in some places deep in some places light in color, print quality significantly reduced, if the thermal coating chemical formula is unreasonable, will cause the paper to save time becomes very short, good paper after printing can be saved (at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight conditions) for five years, and now you can save more 10-year long-term thermal paper, but if the thermal coating formulations unreasonable may only be saved for months.
  Protective coating to save time after printing is also critical, it can lead to thermal coating absorbs part of the chemical reaction of light, slow deterioration of the paper, and can protect the sensitive element of the printer from damage, but if the protective coating floor is uneven, not only greatly reduce the thermal protection coating, even in the printing process will occur off the protective coating of fine particles, thermal printer friction components, resulting in damage to the printing thermal elements.