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Hazard prevention thermal paper

Everyday life, people inevitably come into contact with the small thermal paper ticket, and therefore often come into contact with bisphenol A. So, how to avoid bisphenol A invade our bodies, to reduce the risks? Reporter specially put together for the public a few notes for reference.
1, to minimize the number of times to get such a small vote.
2, after exposure to thermal paper bills, wash your hands immediately able to do so, do not use alcohol-based cleaning fluid. Remember, do not come into contact with the hand of a small ticket direct contact with the mouth, such as hand contact with food, eating.
3, the small ticket and other things kept separate to prevent contamination of bisphenol A ingredients.
4. Do not thermal paper tickets by small children play or save.
5, whether the thermal paper sheet recognition method is scraping on paper with a coin, if any discoloration or obvious scratches, compared with thermal paper