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What is Thermal Paper?

Thermal paper is also known as thermal fax paper, thermal recording paper, thermal copy paper, in Taiwan, called thermal carbon. Thermal paper is a working paper, the manufacturing principle is the quality of the original paper coated with a layer of "thermal coating" (thermochromic layer). Although this color layers with a dozen chemicals, but at least the following compounds: colorless dye, a wide variety of the dye, the most commonly used is a fluorescent compound; chromogenic reagent about 20% or less, commonly used with double phenol, p-hydroxybenzoic acid; sensitizer is about 10% or less, acid amides containing compound; about 50% or less of filler, commonly used with calcium carbonate (particles); Mastics about 10% or less, such as polyvinyl acetate; stabilizers, such as terephthalic acid, diphenyl acid; lubricants and the like. So the process is difficult, technically demanding.