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On the electricity supplier assistant thermal receipt printe

On the electricity supplier assistant thermal receipt printers

In recent years, the rise of electricity providers, more and more people to try online shopping has been from the beginning, to the subsequent habit eventually become dependent. It is because online shopping service with unparalleled convenience, so slightly scale electricity supplier companies have to face every day a huge number of commodity circulation and arising out of a large number of bills!
Notes net purchases of goods produced mainly receipts, bills, etc., they have a higher speed and resolution requirements, therefore, the thermal printer is the best tool to solve this problem.
On the electricity supplier assistant thermal receipt printers
Internal thermal printer
Thermal printer works print head mounted semiconductor heating elements, heating and touch the thermal print head after the paper needed to print out the pattern, the principle is similar to the thermal fax machines. Image is generated by heating, chemical reaction generated in the film. This chemical reaction is a thermal printer at a certain temperature. High temperatures accelerate the chemical reaction. When the temperature is below 60 ℃, the paper needs to go through a long, even up to several years to become dark; and when the temperature is 200 ℃, this reflection will be completed within a few microseconds.
Features thermal printer
Thermal printer is a conventional ticket printing equipment, is set in one of the software and hardware for embedded real-time processing system. It has small size, light weight, high speed, low noise, print clear, easy to use, etc., its ease of use and better adaptability. But the disadvantage is obvious thermal printer is that it can not print out the documents permanently preserved, even with the best thermal paper, and can only save about ten years.
On the electricity supplier assistant thermal receipt printers
Very convenient handheld thermal printer
In the print media, the thermal printer can only use the special thermal paper, this print media surface will produce a chemical reaction when exposed to heat and color coating, and in order to achieve the printout. The thermosensitive thermal paper coating composition mainly two: one is called leuco dye or leuco dye; the other is color-developing agent; thermal paper when exposed to heat, they will produce a chemical reaction, thereby show different colors, such as blue, black, purple and the like.
Classification thermal printer
Thermal printer is mainly based on the arrangement of thermal elements and classification, can be divided into line thermal (Thermal Line Dot System) and column-thermal (Thermal Serial Dot System). Thermal-column belong to the early products, mainly used in some of the print speed is not critical. Thermal line belongs to the 1990s technology, the print speed is much faster than the column-thermal, the fastest speed reached 220mm / sec.
Using a thermal printer
Thermal printing technology was first used on the fax machine, the basic principle is to convert the data into the printer receives the signal control lattice thermal heating unit, the thermal paper coating heated thermal imaging. Currently, thermal printer has been widely used in the fields of finance, logistics, medical industry.
On the electricity supplier assistant thermal receipt printers
Available for individual users of portable-type thermal printer
Although applications thermal printer with a strong industry characteristics, but also beginning to be applied to individual fields.